In addition to research activities, LTL, CLAMS and OPTOLAB laboratories carry out service activities by nuclear and optical spectroscopy on behalf of a third party.

LTL and CLAMS do radiocarbon dating by high resolution mass spectrometry only for the samples which provide at least one milligram of graphite after the removal of contaminants.

The standard precision in the measurement of 14C / 12C ratio is 0.5% for samples aged less than 2000 years old, which means a standard deviation of ± 40 years. The inexactness in the measurement may significantly vary according to the age of our sample, generally decreasing for older samples. On request, CEDAD does even high-precision measurements with a standard deviation of 25 years.

CEDAD assures the accuracy of its services by the standard measurements provided by international normative organizations (like IAEA) and by comparing its own results with the ones obtained in other countries.

Prices depend on the type of material and on the urgency of measurement, according to the arrangements of the Dept. of Innovation Engineering and of the board of directors of the University of Salento.

Services we can provide are the following:

Service Precision Delivery time * Price VAT not included
Radiocarbon Standard Service ± 40 years 8 weeks 250 euro
Radiocarbon Fast Service ± 40 years 3 weeks 500 euro

(*) A longer delivery time has to be considered in case of technical problems in the TANDETRON or CLAMS laboratories.


Radiocarbon service forms

For further information please contact

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