Laboratories - IMAGE Lab


In the IMAGE Lab 2D and 3D image analysis are performed by the "machine learning" and "pattern recognition" (artificial neural networks, support vector machine, cluster analysis..) tools. The lab collaborates with Universities and Hospitals for the development of quantitative imaging software for Biomedicine.

The activities of the lab include the assisted diagnosis (CAD, Computer Assisted Detection/Diagnosis), TAC in lung images(for automatic identification of nodules) and in neuro-images (identification and measure of brain tumors, and quantifications of neurodegenerative entities), automated analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis images, quantification of the state of inflammation of the upper airway through the study of the linear motion of mucous cells.

Although not related to imaging, but based on data analysis in Biomedicine, it is of interest of the laboratory the realization of systems of Brain-Computer Interface by pattern recognition in EEG tracings.

Head of the lab is Prof. Giorgio De Nunzio.

The equipment available in the lab for research and training are:

High perfomance workstation ( HPZ820 biprocessor Xeon E5-2640 v2 2.00Ghz, 256 GB Ram, GPU NVIDIA K4000)

Server clusters (7 computing nodes multi-server twin-square 2U with 4 server, each of them consisting of eight processors Xeon 6-Core E5-2620v2 2.1Ghz 15MB and 16 Modules DDR 1600 Reg. ECC 16GB)